Allow me to introduce myself

Hello! And welcome to Melanie’s Muse. I am Melanie T. Robbins. I am a wife, mother, daugther, sister, BFF, friend and I am an Artist in Transition. For over 20 years I have been doing one particular type of Artwork- Beadwork, doing business as a Jewelry and Pattern Designer under the name Straybeads and teaching beadwork classes for my friends at Beads By Design. however, a rare medical condition required surgical intervention when left me me with spinal Cord Injury and triggered a movement Disorder called Cervical Dystonia. I am Currently on quite a learning curve as I learn how and relearn how my new Unicorn Tendencies (I am medically mysterious in everyway) affect me in the Daily Round of LIfe including but not limited to beading, driving and such. I am a woman of faith and believe that “God has a plan for me and hope for my future” (Jer.29:11) so, Straybeads is now a part of Melanie’s Muse. Please join me as I chronicle the creativity the brought me too this point andcontinue my creative Journey from here. I hope to share my own creative process, share with you some of the delightfullly talented creatives I am proud to know and learn and explore new things and share them with you. Contact me with comments and questions below or at